A documentary portrait of a Tongan whale-watching guide called George, and of the humpback whales that spend their summers in the warm waters around the islands of Vava'u.

We wanted to make a film that reflects on the content tranquility that a connection with the ocean and some of it's largest inhabitants can bring. The environment and it's protection shouldn't be political.

Published in 2019
Directed / Edited by: Nessim Stevenson
Underwater / Aerial: Karim Iliya
Music by: Julia Sabra & Fadi Tabbal - Tunefork
Whale song recorded by: Roger Payne - Ocean Alliance
Production: What Took You So Long?



Waynak began as a documentary series to change the narrative on the refugee ‘crisis’ by telling collaborative and inspiring stories of people working together across the world’s refugee, host, and volunteer populations. This series turned into a movement when it was implemented into the 30,000 strong volunteer community of MakeSense, a Paris-based social entrepreneur incubator. These stories served as the centrepiece for screenings, hackathons, hold-ups, all designed to facilitate collaboration and innovation in solving the most pressing issues in the refugee ‘crisis’.
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Published in 2016
Directed by: Chris Kousouros
Camera: Nessim Stevenson, Ghinwa Daher, Chris Kousouros
Editing: Ghinwa Daher & Chris Kousouros
Produced by: MakeSense
Production: What Took You So Long?



CAFI, The Central African Forest Initiative, is a collaborative partnership supported by the UNDP, between 6 Central African nations and a coalition of donors. It’s aim is to recognise and preserve the value of the forests in the region to mitigate climate change, reduce poverty and contribute to sustainable development. 
In 2017, we, at What Took You So Long?, produced a series of short videos for CAFI, which we filmed in the forests of Gabon. One of the videos, a 6 minute short, narrated by Marcel, a Gabonese actor and filmmaker, was screened at the COP23 in Bonn. A social-media-friendly English version of the video was narrated by Hollywood actor Djimon Hounsou. We also produced a 6-part web series for CAFI, a version of which was screened at the Paris Climate Summit.

Published in 2017
Directed/Edited by
: Nessim Stevenson
Camera/Producer: Clara Wetzel
Production: What Took You So Long?



One of three video produced for Search for Common Ground about the FURSA Consortium; which aims at improving the social and economic inclusion of youth in refugee and host communities in Lebanon, Kurdistan/Iraq and Turkey.
We filmed this short documentary at a monastery in Sulaymaniyah, a city in the east of Iraqi Kurdistan. It tells the story of a musical orchestra that was part of the FURSA program, through the eyes of it’s coordinator Niwar, a Kurdish-Iraqi Kanoun player.

Published in 2018
Directed/Edited by: Nessim Stevenson
Camera: Chris Kousouros & Nessim Stevenson
Production: What Took You So Long?



The ‘Cedars of God’ - in the mountains of northern Lebanon, is one of the last vestiges of the legendary cedar forests that once thrived across Mount Lebanon and the rest of the levant in ancient times. After centuries of persistent deforestation, at the hands of numerous civilisations including the Pheonicians, Israelites, Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Romans, and Turks, the extent of these forests has been markedly reduced.
This is the story of this historic forest, told by Dr. Youssef Tawk, a doctor from the near-by town of Bcharreh. 

Published in 2017
Directed/Camera 2/Edited by
: Nessim Stevenson
Camera: Ghinwa Daher
Sound: Chris Kousouros
Drone: Karim Iliya
Production: What Took You So Long?



In September 2015, after finishing my BA in media production, I set off to Mongolia for three months to work on short documentaries for a local TV news channel. My work there took me around the country, from the arid landscapes of the far West to the snow-covered Gobi Desert in the South. This is a compilation of some of my personal favourite footage from my time there.


Published in 2016
Nessim Stevenson
: Sedaa - Mongul Nutag



Produced in collaboration with NowThis, in partnership with Samsung, this is a short 360 video about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust’s elephant orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya.

Published in 2017
Directed by:
Bob Geile
Camera: Nessim Stevenson & Bob Geile
Produced by: NowThis



A music video produced for the Lebanese dream-pop band Postcards.


Published in 2018
Camera/editing: Nessim Stevenson
Underwater camera: Karim Iliya