As my graduation from university was fast approaching, I sent out dozens of emails to production companies all around Europe. I was anxious to find a job and get started. But when most of my emails went unanswered, I began to look further afield - Mongolia.
Before long, I had landed an internship there with a local TV channel called NTV news. For three months I would be filming short documentaries and news segments around the country. It would be my first solo adventure - and so it was.
The work there opened floodgates of incredible experiences for me. As the seasons shifted, I traveled across the vast Mongolian landscape. I got to watch the sun rise over misty rivers of ice, and set over monumental sand dunes. All sorts of stuff. Yet three years on, the memories I treasure most from my time there are the moments I spent in the company of nomadic families living out in steppe. With their herds of livestock they move with the seasons, taking their ger-homes with them. A hardy people, kind and welcoming. With pride, they struggle against modernisation and a rapidly changing climate to keep their traditional way of life alive.

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